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Supervisor Don Wagner

Listen to the latest on COVID-19 from OC Health Care Director, Dr. Clayton Chau, and Supervisor Don Wagner. ... See moreSee less

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The best way to ensure our children’s mental health is to eliminate the masks, social distancing and school closures. Follow the science! I do not accept that we should wait for these ridiculous tiers to get our kids back in school without any restrictions!!!

The best way to insure our children do not suffer long term

When are you going to push back against children wearing masks at school? No data supports this decision to mask 2 year olds. Children are not dying of COVID and data on asymptomatic transmission shows it is extremely rare. This narrative that kids are bringing home COVID and killing grandma and grandpa is false.

Stand up as elected and nominated officials and fight for our kids!

When will you push back on school mask mandates? This revision to ages 2 and up is absurd!

I formally am asking for an open forum as a constituent. We need open dialog to have our questions answeredβ€οΈπŸ™πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Answer questions from those of us who tuned in!

Thank you Supervisor Don Wagner and Dr Chau. We appreciate this town hall meeting and it has been informative.

What is the timeline for eliminating the mask mandates and social distancing now that the vaccines are rolled

Out and there are many therapeutics available?

Why the change Monday that now all children at preschool’s over the age of 2 have to wear a mask all day? We have to take our child out of school over this ridiculousness.

People in the 60 to 64 age group are at much higher risk of dying from CODIV-19 than the 50 to 59 age group. Why not open up vaccinations for 60 to 64 before 50 to 59?

End the mask mandate

Drive thru is so much helpful. Soka was awesome!

What is Orange County's capacity to distribute vaccine (doses/day)? The vaccine manufacturers have committed to substantial increases in supply, will Orange County be able to distribute more as soon as it becomes available?

What studies are being used to inform the mask-wearing decision? Are they all surrogate endpoint studies that use droplet transmission versus studies that actually use a randomized controlled trial to demonstrate a quantifiable measure of % of reduction of numbers in viral transmission?

Don Wagner is wearing a mask and he said he will get the Covid 19 vaccine.

Don Wagner are you promoting the Mask mandate?

Does the vaccine have any reactions to other medications. I’m asthmatic and I’m on steroids daily

March 17th schools, fully open on campus. Is there any resources from the county to host CDPH information meetings?

Are informal caregivers eligible? They are in San Diego

Why have we no acknowledged the results of the very large DANMASK-19 study?

Why does anyone have to wear a mask once vaccinated?? When’s it stop??

Pfizer, my lady got it and her arm swelled up for four days. But it does go away.

A child is 10 times more likely to die of suicide then they are of Covid

Cases have dropped. Now it’s time Newsom drops his failed color-coded system. CA is the only state to be on pause. It’s time we open fully. Thank you Elex Michaelson, Christine Devine - News Anchor, and Fox 11 Los Angeles for taking the time to discuss the latest in OC. ... See moreSee less

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.... Part of the reason California is on pause is due to people like you. You didn’t lead during this crisis. We know it Don. There is no place left for people like you.

We should NEVER have been locked up like criminals in the first place. I am sick and tired of being treated as a leper. Scared people can stay home, or wear a hazmat suit, or whatever makes them "feel safe". I, and many others, want to go back to living

Thank you!!!

100% agree that this ridiculous “color code” system needs to go and that we need to OPEN UP FULLY, just like Texas & Mississippi did today!

we opened our borders , how does this work....open up it is madness....


Yes! #ReopenCA #ReopenOC

Get all of our kids back to full time school immediately!! Pleeeeasssse

Texas and Mississippi are looking at us like we are a bunch of idiots. Come of Gavin "Wish he" Newsomething. Do something remotely helpful for once. I need to actually make a commission check.

Haven't you screwed up the OC enough?

Don, Sir, you are ignorant beyond measure..... you are deadly ignorant...... please LEARN......

You will never be Governor Don. You should try selling used cars.

Yes, ReopenOC, and never go back!

This was never about our health..it’s about control. These health departments are loving their new power.

Any teacher that doesn’t want to work, fire them immediately, and replace them - this is child abuse!

Don Wagner is like a pencil. It's easy to look sharp when you do nothing. All talk zero action. Takes credit for other people's work. He's shown zero leadership during the pandemic and just takes credit for victories he had no part in. All I ever see him is complain in front of a camera every chance he gets. Which is a skill I guess.

Don Wagner just tell us straight. Do you believe Newsom about numbers of cases or scientific numbers about infections, do you believe those color codes that he comes up with are truly based on true and real honest and scientific?

If we stop taking tests the rate of infection will be zero... just sayin!

Cases have dropped. It’s because we have been careful and done what had to be done. Open the state now and risk starting all over again with numbers like in the summer.

Absolutely. Thanks Supervisor Don Wagner πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ. Open open open. The numbers have been extremely low the past 3-4 weeks.

Well why all the insults fly on Facebook. Two wonderful friends of mine died from Covid. I will never get to hear my friend Aaron sing again or see his lovely smile. I will never see my friend Dennis again and watch his dance moves. I had friends hospitalized and so happy so happy they recovered. Yes could our Governor do better. But he is one man amoung 43 million citizens. No one is right no one is wrong we have to work together to get through this terrible time. Do what you can do and help those you can. Soon there will be new beginnings.

The color tiers are not a proper way to run a state. The numbers are not accurate; guesstimates at best. Open our economy now


Don the Con... the Covid-19 Denying, sad excuse of a supervisor. Mr Wagner please stop for a moment and give condolences to the families who lost a loved one to the Coronavirus today!

Sure think Shankey, you keep thinking that! Lisa Braschuk Shank πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘